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We have been testing out methods that we have come across for various things, Indexing is only one of those things we have constantly been testing and tweaking, the simple reason behind our service is that we have been customers of many different indexing services and the prices for these packages were simply put, TO HIGH. Once we perfected our indexing method, our first rule was to make our service affordable to the masses, after all, the way we look at things, we’re not selling you GOLD. We also feel that we allow you to submit much more links per month than most other indexing services in comparison to price, our logic behind this is simple, to improve our service to you and your indexing rates, why not increase the volume of links you are able to send through our system which in return will increase your index rate because more links are being processed, this is what you call, value for money. We promise at least a 70% indexing rate after 30 days, We want to index your links, this is what we do, why bother capping limits to such a small amount when we are an indexing service? It doesn’t make sense to us! The more we process, the more we index, improving our index rates and your rankings.

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Reviewer 1

I've used various indexing services in the past with mixed results. Most recently I've been using the service offered here by cloudattack and have been quite impressed by it, compared to previous services. However, from that thread I started chatting with Express Indexer and learned that he was putting together an indexing service of his own and he offered to test a batch of links for me and I jumped at the chance. In a nutshell, I'm more that impressed with his service.

While his claim for "instant indexing" kind of sounds too good to be true, I have found it to actually BE true (for about 40-60% of the links submitted). It's incredible. As for the remaining links... I'd like to share something else that I've found that was touched on in another thread.

It seems that when indexing links, Google has a "freshness preference" (fyi, this is a term that I just made up and this is all just IMO...) What I mean is that a pretty high percentage of links that get indexed within the first few days often drop out of the index after a few days. Someone pointed out to me that perhaps it's Google's way of grabbing anything that might be "news" right out of the gate and indexing it, then setting it aside for a while to determine whether it's really worthy of staying in the index or not before making a final decision.

Despite what some people may say about it, I have tracked and tested a decent number of links *daily* and have found this to be pretty consistently true. The good news is that if these are decent links (i.e. contextual), they often come back, and then some.

More specifically, it seems that within the first 1-4 days you'll get decent indexing rates. Then, somewhere between day 3 and 9 (roughly), there's a decent chance that a lot of links will NOT show as indexed (I'll share some numbers in a moment). Then somewhere around day 7-10, the overall indexing rate starts climbing back up again. Sometimes nearing the original level, sometimes surpassing it. If you only check your indexing rate once, depending on when that is relative to your submission date, you're likely to get an inaccurate view of the truth (unless you wait until about 2 weeks).

Here are some numbers from links submitted to various indexing services to show you what I mean. One thing to note is that the links submitted for indexing varied a lot in the type of link (contextual or "kitchen sink" type), as well as age (how recently it had been created). Nonetheless, I think you'll see what I mean. They are noted as follows:

[# urls submitted] - Day since submission / percent indexed

Other Indexing service = [94] - 0/35 - 1/35 - 2/33 - 3/4 - 4/5 - 5/5 - 6/5 - 7/5 - 8/10 - 9/10 - 10/29 - 11/36 - 12/38 - 14/38 - 15/38 - 19/39 - 34/41 - 42/52

Other Indexing service = [82] - 0/1 - 1/4 - 1/57 - 2/59 - 3/56 - 4/18 - 5/12 - 6/16 - 7/18 - 8/49 - 10/55 - 14/57 - 16/59 - 29/63 -

Other Indexing service = [360] - 0/0 - 1/0 - 1/47 - 1/48 - 2/48 - 3/45 - 4/11 - 5/9 - 6/13 - 7/26 - 8/37 - 10/65 - 11/64 - 14/65 - 15/65 - 30/68 -

Other Indexing service = [172] - 0/0 - 1/2 - 1/50 - 2/59 - 3/59 - 4/22 - 5/15 - 6/18 - 16/58 -

Express Indexer = [463] - 0/0 - 0/51 - 0/54 - 1/54 - 1/48 - 4/16 - 5/24 - 6/29 - 7/40 - 9/59 - 10/72 - 12/74 -

Other Indexing service = [71] - 0/0 - 2/52 - 3/49 - 6/15 -

Express Indexer = [834] 0/0 30min/62

Looking at these numbers, there are a few things to point out.

Firstly, I just re-ran the first set of links listed above (day 42 with 52% indexed). It's a nice surprise to see the indexed rate continued to climb considerably even after 2 weeks.

Next, I'd like to point out the two sets of numbers that come from ExpressIndexer; they are the third to last (with [463] links) and the last ([834] links). With the [463] you can see the quick indexing, followed by a drop-off at day 4 that climbs slowly back up and around day 8 or 9 it's back to where it started at the 50-60% mark. The nice thing is that a few days later it's at 74%. Nice!

The last line [834] - these were submitted yesterday and I don't think it was even 30 minutes before I checked them and they were at 62% indexed. To me, that is just insane! LOL If they continue as the others have (and I see no reason why they wouldn't), I expect them to maybe rise a bit from here, drop off considerably, and then come back strong.

All this to say... Express Indexer has a service that has blown me away so far with what is delivered. And seeing the prices now... I'm even more impressed. If this thing gets capped, I'll be glad I'm on the inside.

Reviewer 2

Guys, I'm not here to pump some service up, or bust another down, but this is the best indexing service I've ever used, hands down (and I've used like a dozen). Try it yourself (if he is still providing the free 500):

1. Sign up and copy and paste your links. Click submit.

2. After 4-5 minutes, go here (this is the most reliable, albeit slow free index checking service): http://www.googletheplanet.com/google-index-checker/

3. Start crying from happiness. You'll see most of your links indexed in 5-10 minutes. I left UltimateIndexer (that I wrote a post about here) in a heartbeat after I saw the results here. It really is that simple. You've got nothing to lose.

By the way, I'm not affiliated in any way, shape or form with Express Indexer.

Yep, around 65% indexed in 5 minutes on T2. You can have my money. I just hope it will stick. And I hope you're not working at Google.

Reviewer 3

this strategy definitely works...

so what i'm talking about it is that before it took like 5 weeks till my sites hit the first page

5 weeks is not much, but in bh business every day counts. with the indexing service of tim89, my sites started to rank on page 2 after just one week. this is nice! some are already on pos.11

more than 50% of my 40k links were indexed within some days / hours.

i'm gonna index 100k links the next days..keep going, price and service is perfect of course it is important what KIND of links you use, what content, what onpage optimization etc, but if you do your seo homemork, get some mass good looking links, this indexing service works perfectly

Reviewer 4

Express Indexer I Just rechecked the list and I've got to say I'm impressed

This is what I did and feel free to use it as review:

Took the test links from a fairly newish project (2-3 weeks). This is a 2 tier project, with the 2nd tier mainly there to try and index the 1st tier.

Exported all the T1 links and filtered with Excel until I had a list of 722 links on PR1+ article sites, social network and wikis.

After the first index check in Scrapebox, out of the 722 links, 124 were found to be indexed already, so these were removed and left a list of 576.

Pasted the 576 links into Expressindexer.com and less than 10 mins later I had an email saying the links had been processed.

I then rechecked the 576 links in Scrapebox and out of 576, 395 were now indexed - More than 68%!

I'll keep checking over the next few days and see if that number improves or not